Home Inspection Questions

What is the cost of the inspection?

The cost of the inspection depends on several variables, including the square footage of the home, its age and features, such as whether it has a pool and/or a spa and whether it is on a slab or raised foundation.  This information will enable us to provide an accurate price quote.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, VISA and MasterCard.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes.  At the present time, the State of California does not license or regulate the home inspecting industry so a business license is what is required to operate a home inspection business.  We are bonded and have insurance for Professional Liability.

 How soon will I receive the report?

We prepare and provide the computerized report on-site so you will have a copy in hand for the walk-through.

Can I be there during the home inspection?

You are welcome to be present during the inspection, although we request you allow the inspector to work without interruption.  Our inspector has a specific pattern he follows which ensures you will receive a thorough and detailed inspection.  We generally recommend you bring a notepad and jot down any questions you have as you observe the inspection.  He will be glad to answer them during your walk-through.

Do you test for mold?

We do not test for mold but can provide you with the names and telephone numbers of environmental testing companies who are experts in that area.

How long will the walk-through take?

The length of time for a walk-through can vary, but it typically takes 30-40 minutes.  Some of the factors affecting the length of time are the condition of the property and the number of questions asked by the client.   First-time homebuyers tend to have more questions whereas those who have made several real estate purchases may have fewer questions.

What if I can’t be there for the walk-through?

If you are not able to attend the walk-through the written report speaks for itself and provides a comprehensive evaluation of the property.  However, there are several benefits of meeting with the inspector in person, such as an explanation of how the report is organized, an on-site visual identification of the findings and an opportunity for dialogue.

What if my agent cannot be present for the walk-through?

This will not affect the content or amount of information that is shared during the walk-through, although an agent’s presence is highly encouraged.  If your agent is not able to attend we will give their hardcopy of the report to you.

Do you provide an estimate of repairs?

While we have the capability of generating computerized estimates of repair, this is beyond the scope of a real estate home inspection and is reserved for claims and insurance-related inspections.  In many instances, the handyman or contractor you select can greatly influence the cost of repairs.

Claims and Insurance-Related Questions

How far will you travel?

Most of our work is centered within a 100 mile radius of Sacramento.  However, we have traveled throughout California, Arizona and Nevada for high volume clients.

What estimating program do you use?

We prepare our estimates in Xactimate as it is the most widely used program by our insurance customers.

Do you have an Appraisal Program?

Yes.  Losses that are less than $10,000.00 and are within a 60 mile radius of Sacramento qualify for the Appraisal Program.  It includes a short-form report, photographs, a diagram and an estimate for $399.00.  There are no additional costs for mileage or office expenses.

Have you served as an Expert?

Yes.  We have been used as a Cause of Loss Expert and a Cost of Repair Expert on numerous occasions.

Other Questions

I am a private homeowner and have “something going on at my home.”  Can you help me figure it out?

Yes.  We are available as a Consultant and have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot many home-related issues that have stumped others.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to perform every home inspection as if we were purchasing the property ourselves, and to investigate each claim or insurance-related matter in an objective, impartial manner. These values are the cornerstone of PRO Home Inspection & Claims Service, Inc.

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